Hungary’s political parties condemn anti-Hungarian attacks in Romania sau nevoia urgenta de victimizare

Nevoia urgenta de victimizare …

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party issued a statement on Tuesday calling on the Romanian authorities to urgently conclude their investigation into recent anti-Hungarian attacks in central Romania’s Alba Iulia, and call the perpetrators to account.

All Hungary’s parliamentary parties condemned the attacks.

The co-ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) expressed solidarity with the two victims of recent anti-Hungarian attacks, while the main opposition Socialists firmly condemned them. Radical nationalist party Jobbik in a statement expressed outrage at the attacks and said it expected determined action on the part of the government.

Hungarian Catholic weekly Keresztalja reported online on Monday that three drunken Romanian men had beaten Zoltan Olah, the dean of the local Roman Catholic Theology Institute with baseball bats late on Saturday. Olah suffered blows to the head and back after he tried to photograph the three men as they threw stones at the institute’s windows, the weekly said. The dean lost consciousness and received emergency care at a nearby hospital, the report said. Another man, also of Hungarian ethnicity, who tried to help Olah was also assaulted.

The three men had allegedly shouted anti-Hungarian slurs during the attack, the weekly reported.

The Christian Democrats said they welcomed the swift action of Romanian authorities, who had identified the perpetrators and arrested two of them shortly after the attacks. At the same time, the party expects the authorities to run a thorough investigation into the attack’s circumstances, the statement said.

Deputy group leader of the Socialists, Vilmos Szabo said this incident “threatens the thus far outstanding cooperation trends and reconciliation characteristic of Hungarian-Romanian relations over the past two decades.” The Socialists welcomed that legal proceedings had already been launched against the perpetrators, the statement said.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry on Monday said it was shocked to hear about the assaults on Hungarians in Alba Iulia. It said that over the past few days some church buildings had been badly damaged in vandalism, but underlined that no attacks on persons had been reported in the city.

The Fidesz party added in its statement that it rejected any kind of occurrence which endangered improving relations between Hungary and Romania over the past few years.

Alba Iulia is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese and an important centre for the Eastern Orthodox Church. It has a population of 66,000 and has a small Hungarian minority.

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